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        Changzhou Kaiteng Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd
      Add:Henglin Town, Wujing District, Changzhou, Jiangsu P.R
      Manager:lu jiang ming
      GBD low voltage fixed divided switchgear

      Technical datas

      rated insulation voltage 660(1000)V
      rated working voltage 380(660)V
      auxiliary current 380(220)V
      rated frequency 50(60)Hz
      horizontal bus rated current 1600A
      vertical bus rated current 2000A
      rated peak withstand current 65.105.176kA
      rated short-time withstand current 30.50.80A


         GBD low-voltage fixed switchgear is suitable for power plant, transformer, petro chemistry, mine-enterprise, high-storey building, etc. as changing and controlling power in distributing system of power, distribution and motor control center.
         The switchgear is installed under the requires for users and Designing Department. It has such characteristies as perfectschematics, easy to be combinated, etc. It avoid thermal faulse for wrong connection.
         The switchgear meet IEC439-1 < Low-voltage complete switch equipment and controller> GB7251 and other standards.

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