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        Changzhou Kaiteng Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd
      Add:Henglin Town, Wujing District, Changzhou, Jiangsu P.R
      Manager:lu jiang ming
      MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

      Technical datas

      Rated insulation voltage 660V
      Rated operating voltage 380£¬660£Ö
      Main busbar Max.operating current 5500A(IP00),4700A(IP30)
      Main busbar shor time withstand current (1S) 100kA(Eff.Value)
      Main busbar shot time peak curent  250kA(Max.value)
      Vertical busbar (Power distributing busbar)Max. operating current 1000A
      Vertical busbar (Power distributing busbar )short-time peak current Standard type 90kA£¬Strenghthened type 130kA
      degree of prodection IP30,IP40,IP54


      Degree of Protection
      meet the standard of IEC529 DIN40050
      IP30 for large than ¦Õ2.5mm solid protection
      IP40 for large than ¦Õ1.0mm solid protection
      IP54 for dust and arbitrarily the direction spray protection
      (Consulate with the manufactory when ordering IP54)
         MNS Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is assembled with modules in the factory. Lonform IEC439-1 GB7251 and other standards.

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