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        Changzhou Kaiteng Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd
      Add:Henglin Town, Wujing District, Changzhou, Jiangsu P.R
      Manager:lu jiang ming
      GXL-21 power cabinet
      Technical datas
      rated voltage Exchange 380V¡¢660V
      rated current 630A¼°below
      assist circuit rated voltage Exchange 220V¡¢380V
      Direct current 110V¡¢220V
      380V main busbar short-time withstand current 30kA£¯1S(validity)
      380V main peak withstand current 63KA
      neutral busbar short-time withstand current 18KA
      660V main busbar short-time withstand current 25KA£¯1S(validity)
      contral electric motorcapacity 0£®6¡«35kW
      feed circuit max rated current 200A
      outshell degree Ofprotection IP30

        GXL-21A.C Iow-voltage motive power switch is suitable for textile£¬metallurgy,chemical industry£¬mine£¬machinery and other industry mining enterprise as motive and lighting distribution in A.C 50Hz£¬rated voltage 380V or 660V£¬rated current 630A 3-phase-3-wire£¬4-wire or 5-wire low-voltage distribution system. It also can be used as partly control in low-voltage controlling system.

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