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        Changzhou Kaiteng Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd
      Add:Henglin Town, Wujing District, Changzhou, Jiangsu P.R
      Manager:lu jiang ming
      XBZ1 Tank-type transformer

       XBZ1(XBJ1) Tank type transformer is composed with high voltage, transformer, low voltage, metering unit and intelegence series to be whole distibution equipment. The transformer can be used to high building, enterprise, miniral mountain, highway, station, oil field and other place. XBJ1 tank-type transformer is same as other kinds of transformer except for intelegent system.


        XBZ1(XBJ1) tank-type transformer meet GB/T17467-1998 , GB/T11022-1999 standard. Tankbody material meet GB/T15231.1.3.4-94, GB10294-88, GBJ82-85 standards, IEC-1330 and other standards.
      Technical datas

      tenical idem
      High voltage electricity 
      Low voltage electricity 
      rated voltage
      kV 12 10/0.4 0.4
      rated capacity 
      kVA   100-1600  
      rated current A 400630 According to transformer capacity 
      rated short-circuit breaking current
      kA 31.5   50
      rated short-time withstand current 
      kA 20/4s   200kVA250-400kVA500kVA
      rated peak withstand current 
      kA 50   Free test 15/1S30/1S
      rated closing shortcircuit current 
      kA 50   Free test 3063
      1 min frequency withstand voltage
      kV Relatively and alternate 42, treaking48 35(28)  
      lightning impuse withstand voltage 
      kV Relatively and alternate 75, breaking 85 
      75 2.5
      protection degree
        IP33 IP53 IP33
      voice level
      dB   Oil transformer Dry transformer

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