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        Changzhou Kaiteng Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd
      Add:Henglin Town, Wujing District, Changzhou, Jiangsu P.R
      Manager:lu jiang ming
        About Us  
         Changzhou Kaiteng Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd is the special manufacturer of transmition & distribution electricity. High & low voltage switchgear are the main products of the company.
         Scince its foundation, the company has recommended excellent talents constantly, and has imported advanced processing equipments and other auxiliary equipments. Advanced technology, excellent equipment, complete management system, good character talents compose strong foundation for Kaiteng Electrical products. Our main products have get 3C certificate.
         The company stick the principle of customer the center and meet their requires. We develop and manufacture leading level products and sale to the marker, and have get customers' honours.
         Products of the company are widely used to Electric Power, Metallurgy, Oil chemistry, High buildings, Transport and other projects.
        Kaiteng Electrical hope all kinds of customers create brilliant future hand in hand!
        Company Characteristic:
        Since the foundation of 2004, the company stands erect in kinds of producers producing electric cabinets with brand-new company visage, advanced mode of production and production equipment.
        In the first quarter of 2005, the four kinds of products low pressure whole set switchgear and control equipment such as GGD, GBD, GXL, PZ30 have passed form experiment regulated by compulsory product standard GB7251. 1.3 1997 and got CCC certificates of these four products in April. In Oct., they passed the attestation of international quality certification system ISO9001. 
        There is 19-year history for our company to produce materials matching with electric cabinets with owning experiences engineers, masters, designers, drawers and skilled laborers to produce electric cabinets; with one whole set advanced production equipment and one whole perfect management system. Therefore, we can supply satisfied service for our clients with strong strength to produce electric cabinets. In the production process, we can ameliorate production according to clients' requirements in time and ensure clients can maximum use our products. Ensuring clients' requirements and producing high quality electric cabinets is tenet of our company. 
        Fast production speed, high quality, broad service range and low-cost are the base characteristic of our company, and also the promise to our clients. Our company not only supplies high quality products, but also supplies high quality service. If there are any problems happening in the course of clients using our products, our company will send workers to help solve the problem or maintain on the spot and don not let clients worry about.
        Our company has supplied GGB, GBD, GXL, PZ30 electric cabinets for many local famous companies and get high appraise from clients. According to the tables fed back by clients, the rate of satisfaction can reach 90%.
         Production process:
        Our company bend ourselves to manufacture high quality and high character electric cabinets; ensure electric cabinets pass assemblage check once. The quality inspection department takes part in manufacturing directly; during the production process, they check the process of manufacturing electric cabinets and make every step accord the criterion.


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